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utilize the raw power of the desktop to achieve high interactivity and performance.

When you need to utilize the raw power of the desktop to achieve high interactivity for the end users of your application, there’s nothing that beats a quality desktop application. Browser based applications are highly accessible and easier to deploy but they don’t usually beat desktop applications when it comes to raw power.

Desktop Application Development

We leverages the best-of-technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and effective Desktop Applications that work offline and run off the web browser. We help you streamline your business environment through rich, easy-to-use, easy-to-access, new-generation Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) . Our desktop applications facilitate instant content synchronization, quick file system access and ready management of downloadable content even while working offline.

Applying our industry expertise, technical experience, and UI design expertise, we develop Desktop Applications that achieves a highly productive end user environment. That ultimately results in improved performance and business productivity for our clients. Our Desktop Applications help users view and manage large amounts of information effectively without getting overwhelmed by complexity.

Why prefer Desktop instead Web?

There are significant advantages of web applications over desktop applications in terms of ease of deployment and upgrades. However, here are 5 reasons you would want to deploy on desktop. When making a decision whether to deploy on desktop or web, careful considerations must be given to these.

You want your application to be front and center for your users.

Browsers crash, often times users have multiple tabs open and there’s a lot of clutter in the browser. When your application has to be accessible outside of that, a desktop application is the way to go.

You want to take advantage of system resources.

For raw power, nothing beats the full capabilities of the desktop. Hardware acceleration or anything taxing on the computer can be handled better by applications specifically programmed to take advantage of those. In the browser, you’re mostly stuck with that memory manager; outside you have more room.

You’re building a “widget” application.

Widgets are becoming bigger and bigger (in terms of capability) and you just can’t run a widget platform inside the browser. Widgets need to be accessible from the desktop where they can take up a small space and be easily moved around. The browser restricts that too much.

You need to integrate closely with the desktop.

Do the users of the application need to be able to drag files to your application from the desktop? Save things locally? See it in the add/remove programs area? Have a shortcut and icon in the Applications directory? If those are important to your brand or if having that functionality is important, the desktop is the way to go.

You need a consistent user interface and/or brand.

Deploying applications in the browser requires you work inside their interface. Oftentimes that means you have a two interfaces running side by side. You may also have to worry about things like toolbars or other browser addons that affect how your application looks and how your users interact with it. By deploying desktop applications, you have full control over the interface and brand. You can make sure your users see only what you want them to see.